1. Focused : We aim to build a fine product, our code of conduct is: high ambition, focused, Efficient, healthy body and good mentality

2. Quality suppliers: Every factory for every product is strictly selected by us. They are honest, large scale and strong. We believe in good partners to help us go farther.

3. Attention to detail:A good product can't be born without millions of modifications, our team pays attention to every detail, whether it's appearance, material or feeling, every small detail will be polished continuously by our engineers here until the best.

4. Focus on customer experience:In addition to excellent after-sales service,Bringing customers a satisfactory shopping experience is our ultimate goal. In the process, we constantly collect customer feedback to upgrade and improve products, and strive to meet the needs of each customer.

5. Value, Always:We are genuinely committed to providing each and every customer with a quality, price and shopping experience that will never be compromised.

6. Environmentally friendly
For example, the materials we use:
High-density high-density Polystyrene (HDPS):

2. temperature resistant
3. Abrasion resistant
4. sunlight resistant
5. Easy to clean


All our outdoor PS furniture is made of this plastic. This plastic is high-density high-density Polystyrene (HDPS), which is very durable and weather resistant,in particular, is fire and mildew resistant and zero formaldehyde.

By using this plastic instead of cutting down trees, our funitures won't lose the beauty of real wood. This material look the same as real wood, but it is truly environmentally friendly.

  Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU )

1.Abrasion resistant
2.Food safe
4.No irritating odor 

The lamination of mattress is made of TPU which is referred to as the bridge between rubbers and plastics. The material appears rubber-like, which means it can be extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch. All these properties and compound versatility makes TPU widely used in many industries for coatings, components and customer goods.

TPU material will not produce irritating smell or emit toxic gas, burning TPU material fully will produce white smoke and will not pollute the air; burying TPU into the soil will only take about 1 year to decompose into water. Therefore, TPU materials will not cause damage to the natural environment, and at the same time will not be harmful to humans. It is a real environmental protection material.