Who are we?

Who are we?

Psilvam is committed to creating a furniture environment that does not use wood. We know it will be difficult, but someone must do it.

Is polystyrene the only correct answer?
We don’t know yet, but we will continue to research and improve, and continue to practice our philosophy,
We are Psilvam and we are the advocates of no-wood furniture.

How did we get our start?
People's demand for wooden furniture has far exceeded the growth rate of trees. A tree that has grown for thousands of years can be cut in a few hours. It is shocking and sad to see such a picture. We urgently need a material to replace wood to meet people's needs. Psilvam found this material and used it in various furniture.

What makes our products unique?
Through our special toning technology, our furniture looks almost the same as real wood.

What problem are we solving?
We abandon the exaggerated wood grain of traditional poly lumber, show the most real and wood texture.

Why choose Psilvam?
Solid wood texture
Oversized Chair
Super easy assembly
No maintenance is needed, never fades
20 years+ of service life